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Previous Mission Trips
Check out what our mission teams have been up to in Jamaica from 2014-2018!
2014 - 2018  Missions Trips in pictures
An Update from the 2017 Missions Team

“Thank you” seems so insignificant to the miracle that I believe God wanted you all to be a part of. 


I hope you won't mind me taking up a few moments of your time as I share with you the miracle God did for our 2017 VBS!


CFAA donations including the matching grant totaled $19,687.40!


  Gave Robins Nest $10,000 to go towards purchasing the truck that is so desperately needed.


 Also gave CFAA the finances needed to provide school supplies, School shoes, and a hot meal during our week of VBS July 31 - Aug 5th to the children at Robins Nest and over 100 children in the Salter's hill community.

Your donation allowed our team to lead 15 to Christ!!!

CFAA donations also provided full scholarships to 8 women from the community that attended our very first Women’s VBS!

The scholarships will allow the women to obtain training and certification in skilled courses ranging from Early Childhood learning, Business Administration, Housekeeping, etc. The scholarship also includes uniforms and transportation to and from school twice per week for 6 months.  



The Miracle...

On July 21st with a little over a week left before we departed for our missions’ trip; and with just $3,797.30 raised, God asked me to stop posting on Facebook and sending out emails."Just Trust Him" and on July 24th I received an email that someone else would be posting on FB and sending out emails. ONLY GOD!


I am not only blown away by your generosity but by your obedience to God's prompting to give.


CFAA has received far more than we could ever imagine because of your obedience to God! 


May your storehouse never be empty!

Christian Family Adoption Aid - CFAA

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