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 Salter's Hill Community

Our Goals

To transform Salter's Hill Community by committing volunteer and financial support.


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Our Work


CFAA Missions volunteers have now been serving Robins Nest Children's Home and the Salter's Hill Community for 6 years.

+Donated funds for improvement to the main community road that is in extreme disrepair.

+Raised funds for a drilling project to locate water at Robin's Nest

+Expanded the missions to Salter's Hill Community where Robin's Nest is located

+Sponsored, organized, and taught Vacation Bible school for 90+ children in the Salter's Hill Community in 2016 and 2017, We were able to provide a hot lunch for each child as well as a pair of school shoes, backpack, and school supplies. 

+2018 and 2019. We were able to provide a hot lunch for each child as well as backpacks and school supplies. 

+Raised $10,000 for a Truck for a children's home nearby . Sponsored 7 women from the community to attend trade school in Aug 2017

+Donated and set-up a community computer lab at Salter's Hill Primary School. 

+ Sponsored STEM workshop at Salter's Hill School 

+ Provide a Micro-Loan for a small business. 

+ Provide 27 Tablets and 3 Laptops to Salter's Hill All Age School and, Cambridge High School,to assist with online learning during Covid 19

+ Provide three rural households with Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner

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